Oravi Deum meum [I Daniel prayed to my God] (Daniel 9:4,17-19) – Chant

From Daniel 9:4,17-19 [Latin]And I [Daniel] prayed to the Lord my God, and I made my confession, and said: I beseech thee, O Lord God, great and terrible, who keepest the covenant, and mercy to them that love thee, and keep thy commandments.

17Now therefore, O our God, hear the supplication of thy servant, and his prayers: and shew thy face upon thy sanctuary which is desolate, for thy own sake.

18 Incline, O my God, thy ear, and hear: open thy eyes, and see our desolation, and the city upon which thy name is called: for it is not for our justifications that we present our prayers before thy face, but for the multitude of thy tender mercies.

19 O Lord, hear: O Lord, be appeased: hearken and do: delay not for thy own sake, O my God: because thy name is invocated upon thy city, and upon thy people.

Chant text: “Orávi Deum meum ego Dániel dicens: Exáudi, Dómine, preces servi tui: illúmina fáciem tuam super sanctuárium tuum: et propítius inténde pópulum istum, super quem invocátum est nomen tuum, Deus.”

Translation: “I, Daniel, prayed to my God, saying: Hear, O Lord, the prayers of Thy servant; show Thy face upon Thy sanctuary, and favorably look down upon this people upon whom Thy Name is invoked, O God.”

"Daniel's Prayer" (1865) by Sir Edward Poynter, from illustrations for Dalziel's Bible Gallery. "I Daniel prayed to my God"
“Daniel’s Prayer” (1865) by Sir Edward Poynter, from illustrations for Dalziel’s Bible Gallery

Offertorium: Oravi Deum meum, for Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost, from Graduale Romanum, Solesmes, 1961, p. 367 or The Liber Usualis, Solesmes, 1961, p. 1050

Offertorium: Oravi Deum meum

Sung by Marek Klein

Free sheet music in scrolling YouTube video above and at GregoBase

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