Visionem quam vidistis (Matthew 17: 9) – Chant

Matthew 17: 9 [Latin] And as they came down from the mountain, Jesus charged them, saying: Tell the vision you have seen to no man, till the Son of Man be risen from the dead.

VISIÓNEM quam vidístis némini dixéritis, donec a mórtuis resúrgat Fílius hóminis. [Eructavit cor meum verbum bonum dico ego opera mea regi. Apeciosus forma es prae filis homium diffusa est gratia in labis tuis propterea benedixit te deus in aeternum.]

The Transfiguration of Christ by Carl Bloch
The Transfiguration of Christ by Carl Bloch – Image via Wikimedia Commons


Visionem, chant for Communio/Communion from Graduale Romanum (Solesmes) or The Liber Usualis (Solesmes). For 2nd Sunday of Lent and The Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ (August 6).

Communio: Visionem quam vidistis

Sung by Marek Klein, Graduale Project

Free sheet music at GregoBase

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