Versa est in luctum [My lyre is tuned to mourning] (Job 30: 31; 7: 16) – Richard Barnard

Job 30: 31; 7: 16 [Latin] – My lyre is tuned to mourning, And my instrument to the voice of those who weep. Spare me, O Lord, For my days are as nothing.

Original Latin:

Versa est in luctum cithara mea, Et organum meum in vocem flentium. Parce mihi Domine, Nihil enim sunt dies mei.

Job and His Comforters, Luca Giordano c.a. 1700.
Job and His Comforters, Luca Giordano c.a. 1700.


“Versa est in luctum,” for unaccompanied choir (SSATTB), composed by Richard Barnard (b. 1977) and first published in 2022.

Versa est in luctum - Richard Barnard - Paragon Singers directed by Sarah Latto

Sung by Paragon Singers, directed by Sarah Latto

Sheet music available for purchase at White Light Publishing

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