Precatus est Moyses (Exodus 32:11,13-14) – Orlando di Lasso

Name of Moses in Hebrew language and English
Name of Moses in Hebrew language and English

Exodus 32:11,13-14 [Latin]

11 But Moses besought the Lord his God, saying: Why, O Lord, is thy indignation kindled against thy people, [music text: “Let the anger of Thy soul be appeased:”] whom thou hast brought out of the land of Egypt, with great power, and with a mighty hand?

13 Remember Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, thy servants, to whom thou sworest [music text: “that Thou wouldst give the land flowing with milk and honey.”] by thy own self, saying: I will multiply your seed as the stars of heaven: and this whole land that I have spoken of, I will give to you seed, and you shall possess it for ever.

14 And the Lord was appeased from doing the evil which he had spoken against his people.

Precatus est Moyses in conspectu Domini Dei sui, et dixit:
Quare, Domine, irasceris in populo tuo: parce irae animae tuae: memento Abraham, Isaac, et Jacob, quibus jurasti dare terram fluentem lac et mel.
Et placatus est Dominus de malignitate, quam dixit facere populo suo.

Precatus est Moyses (1585) in Sacrae cantiones … 4 vocum, no. 11, composed by Orlando di Lasso (1532-1594)

LASSO - Precatus est Moyses (live)

FREE SHEET MUSIC at Choral Public Domain Library


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