Plorans plorabit (Jeremiah 13:17-18) – William Byrd

Jeremiah 13:17-18 [Latin]Weeping [my soul] shall weep, and mine eye shall drop tears, because the flock of our Lord is taken. Say to the king, and to her that ruleth: Be humbled, sit down: because the crown of your glory is come down from your head.

Plorans plorabit, et deducet oculus meus lachrimas meas, quia captus est grex Domini. Dic regi et dominatrici, humiliamini, sedete, quoniam descendit de capite vestro corona gloriae vestrae.

Jeremiah on the ruins of Jerusalem - by Horace Vernet (1789–1868)
Jeremiah on the ruins of Jerusalem – by Horace Vernet (1789–1868) [Image via Wikimedia Commons]


Plorans plorabit, motet first published in Gradualia I, no. 28 (1605), composed by William Byrd (1539/1540-1623)

Sung by The Byrd Ensemble

Free sheet music at Choral Public Domain Library

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