Magna est gloria eius [His glory is great in thy salvation] (Psalm 21:5) – Mikolaj Zielenski

Psalm 21:5 [Latin: Psalmi 20:6] – His glory is great in thy salvation: glory and great beauty shalt thou lay upon him.

Magna est glória ejus in salutári tuo: glóriam et magnum decórem impónes super eum, Dómine.

King David Playing the Harp (1622) by Gerard van Honthorst. His glory is great in thy salvation...
King David Playing the Harp (1622) by Gerard van Honthorst

Communion: Magna est gloria ejus [or eius], for the Feast of Saint Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist. Music published in 1611 as part of Communiones totius anni, and written by Polish composer Mikolaj Zielenski (c. 1585 – after 1611).

Communiones totius anni: No. 54. In festo S. Matthaei Apostoli et Evangelistae: Magna est...

Performed by Collegium Zielenski

Sheet music for this may be purchased at SheetMusicPlus

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