Hodie si vocem (Psalm 95:8,6) – Jean-Joseph de Mondonville


Text of Psalm 95 at St James' Church, Bramley Vulgate Psalm 94 -
Text of Psalm 95 at St James’ Church, Bramley;  Psalm 94 (Vulgate) – “Venite exultemus”

Psalm 95:8,6 [Latin]

Today if you shall hear his voice, harden not your hearts

Come let us adore and fall down: and weep before the Lord that made us.

Hodie si vocem ejus audieritis, nolite obdurare corda vestra. Venite, adoremus, et procidamus, et ploremus ante Dominum qui fecit nos

Grands motet: Venite, exultemus: VI. Hodie si vocem, composed by Jean-Joseph Cassanéa de Mondonville (1711-1772)


Venite, exultemus: VI. Hodie si vocem

Performed by Chantres de la Chapelle, Ensemble Baroque de Limoges

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