Dominus dabit [The Lord will give] (Psalm 85:12) – James MacMillan

Psalm 85:12 [Latin – Psalm 84:13] – The Lord will give goodness: and our earth shall yield her fruit. 

Dóminus dabit benignitátem: et terra nostra dabit fructum suum.

Alessi fruit bowl, filled (Image via Wikimedia Commons)
Alessi fruit bowl, filled (Image via Wikimedia Commons)

Dominus dabit, Communion motet for the First Sunday of Advent, from The Strathclyde Motets, composed by James MacMillan (b. 1959)

The Choir of St. James': Dominus dabit benignitatem

Sung by St. James’ in-the-City, Los Angeles

SHEET MUSIC AVAILABLE for purchase at JW Pepper

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